Sierra de los Padres.
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Behind “La Colmena de Cristal”, there is a family business located in Sierra de los Padres, Mar del Plata.
“La Colmena de Cristal” was founded in 1977 by two young and recently married men, who wanted to increase their wealth.
They chose Sierra de los Padres to install their first beehives, with a low sale to the public.
Today, after thirty-four years and a second generation of beekeepers, we have more than one thousand beehives making honey. This honey is sold throughout the country, and exported directly from our plant, to more than eight countries.
Our honey is not only conventional and natural, but it also complies with sanitary standards, established by SENASA and Código Alimentario Argentino.
Hygiene, modern methods of extracting honey, filtration, classification and maturity of this product results in translucent quality honey, without unusual taste and a high nutritional value.
The work of the beekeeper during this process is essential to keep the quality of the honey at the highest possible level.
We invite you to visit our tourist circuit, thought for you and your family.

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La Colmena de Cristal.
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